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[MV] Eddy Kim(에디킴) _ The Manual(너 사용법)

[MV] Eddy Kim(에디킴) _ The Manual(너 사용법)

*English subtitles are now available. :D
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:: iTunes DL : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/neo-sayongbeob-the-manual-ep/id862213887

The first debut of male singer of Mystic89!
A new artist who erases the line between R\u0026B and folk music is here!
The first mini album [The Manual] in which Eddy Kim participated in vocals, composing, and producing is now released!

Eddy Kim picks 'The Manual', which is also the title of the album, as the sweetest song of this mini album. The song is very minimal, composed of only Eddy's voice and guitar sound which makes it possible to concentrate only on Eddy Kim's voice. The lyrics that list the things needed to love a girlfriend are very impressive.

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미스틱89가 선택한 첫 번째 남자 신인, 에디킴!
R\u0026B와 포크의 경계를 지우는 새로운 스타일의 아티스트 출현!
직접 보컬, 작곡, 프로듀싱까지 한 첫 번째 미니앨범 [너 사용법] 발매!

앨범의 제목이기도 한 '너 사용법'은 이번 미니 앨범에서 에디킴이 꼽은 가장 달콤한 노래다. 이 곡은 에디킴의 목소리와 기타 사운드로만 이루어져 있으며, 미니멀한 구성 덕분에 에디킴의 목소리에 오롯이 집중할 수 있다. 여자 친구와의 사랑을 가꿔가기 위해 필요한 것들을 매뉴얼처럼 정리해놓은 가사가 인상적이다.
姚淋야오린 : 무죄야? 다행이다ㅜㅜㅜ 이노래도 엄청 좋은데~~
찬란했던적당한날 : 하... 1년전 인기댓글들 댓삭튀 바로했네 씨발새끼들ㅋ
lunatic lobster : 보고싶다..
ba bba : 처음 논란됐을때 그래도 좋아하던 가수라 욕은 안하고 걍 잊고 살았는데 무죄라니깐 기분 좋네 ㅎㅎ
Just Ji൩in : He's still my favorite singer
채린 : 이 노래도 역주행 했을 좋겠다...
돌체라떼 : 쏘스윗♡
Ryan reborn : 이만한 노래가 없네 달달한게
lunathemoon : Sometimes the guys with the sweetest voice aren’t always Prince Charming
다나 : I hope if you are looking at this now you are aware that he is not a criminal, he was later proven as innocent as he was never in 'the' groupchat or was a part of the things they did.

It was misinformation that basically ruined his image and career and I hope this comment section gets cleared up like most others that were proven innocent : )

Anuel AA - El Manual (Audio Oficial)

#Emmanuel #AnuelAA #NuevoAlbum

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Victor Fernández Ochandorena : Eres una máquina anuel sigue así
Jesus Andres RHLM : Anuel Es Mi Idolo Es El Mejor Soy Su fans desde que comenzo en 2015 Te Amo ANuel
Wilmer Ernesto Saucedo Alburqueque : Remix con rauw Alejandro fijo
Sama Carrero : Que buena no dejo de escucharla
Algendi Rafael Rossis tejeda : Lo malo es que se acaba la música
Raspu tin : As vuelto con mucha fuerza para ser el reyyyy en realidad nunca te fuiste!!! Grandeee
Usuanapaula Nuevo : Te amo
El Travieso Brrr Baby : Me encanta la Canción
Iphone 7 : Para cuando el video emmanuel?

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Ryan Pesch : I'm an organic vegetable farmer. Yoga has been hugely helpful to deal with physical and mental stress and strain of my line of work. I really appreciate that this video focuses on those who do manual labor - especially since I don't think yoga marketing targets blue colllar types and it should be for everybody.
19floor91 : I loved your vibe in this one ✨
Corey Whitacre : I do declare, this is your funniest video. Thanks for the good practice and good chuckle!
John Tait : Supermarket worker here. Discovered yoga during lockdown. Have to say its going well for me.
Janae Angel : Thank you! Namaste! Peace!
Mia Berggren : Day 29
Maria A : ha, didn't think this video would be useful at the end of the playlist, but I ended up moving apartments today and this was the perfect warmup! :)
J.D. Benavidez : After about 30 seconds, the kitten was crying to be let in my room. He immediately jumped on my chest and started "kneading dough" on my stomach as I laid on my back. He got off and laid down next to me until bridge pose, when he found his new favorite relaxing place underneath me. He has to be a part of every practice! Ha ha
Jason Sherwood : So much fun. Great after a hard day and the armpits comment is priceless, never laughed so much at yoga.
89CIH : I was soooo tired today, did this on bed, skiped the down dog




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